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We specialize in delivering expert land surveying services to a wide range of clients across Southern New Hampshire and Maine. Our extensive experience caters to a diverse clientele—including industrial and commercial enterprises, residential property owners, and local municipalities.

Whether you’re embarking on a commercial development project, seeking to protect your residential property rights, or require municipal support, we have you covered. Let us help.

We offer ALTA/NSPS (American Land Title Association / National Society of Professional Surveyors) land title survey services that provide a comprehensive analysis of a property’s title. We conduct thorough research of historical records and legal documents to deliver a detailed plan that safeguards the interests of all parties involved in commercial real estate transactions.

Our survey includes the delineation of boundary lines, identification of potential encroachments or areas of significant observation, and a review of the zoning ordinance.

We offer comprehensive boundary survey services for clients seeking precise information about their property lines. JVA surveyors conduct a meticulous investigation which involves researching historical records, legal documents, and physically surveying the land to confirm boundary locations and identify any physical features.

We take precise measurements, document relevant features as well as noting local zoning regulations. Upon completion, we provide a detailed plan with metes and bounds descriptions. This equips you with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about your land.

We offer an existing conditions survey for design service, providing vital information to design professionals. Our comprehensive analysis focuses on the physical attributes of an existing site or structure. The data we gather plays a pivotal role in making well-informed design decisions, mitigating risks, and preventing costly design alterations or construction delays.

This step is essential in the design process, ensuring the success of every construction project.

JVA offers expert witness testimony services to provide impartial opinions and interpretations in intricate legal cases pertaining to land surveying.

We perform independent analyses, review pertinent documents and information, and apply scientific methodologies, legal principles, case law, and advanced technologies to substantiate our viewpoints. Our dedication to delivering dependable and accurate surveying services ensures that our expert witness testimony is clear, concise, and easily comprehensible by the court. This assists our clients in attaining favorable outcomes in their legal cases.

Our FEMA Elevation Certificates and LOMA (Letter of Map Amendment) application services provide accurate assessments of flood risks and assist in determining flood insurance requirements. We offer elevation certificates and support with LOMA applications. Our services entail a thorough examination of flood zone maps, a property survey, and the preparation of all required documentation for a streamlined and successful LOMA application process.

This service benefits property owners, insurance companies, and lending institutions by delivering precise information that helps them to make informed decisions and mitigate risks.

We utilize cutting-edge technology, including the Carlson BRx7 base and rover units, to deliver exceptionally precise and efficient mapping and surveying solutions for diverse industries. We customize our solutions, such as topographic mapping, boundary surveys, and construction staking, to match the unique requirements of each project.

By harnessing advanced GPS technology, we can rapidly and accurately measure distances and locations, offering high-quality data in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods.

Lot line revisions are typically necessary when two neighboring property owners mutually agree to relocate their shared boundary lines.

JVA will conduct a boundary survey, collaborate with property owners to determine the proposed new lot lines’ locations, and create legal descriptions and plat maps. Additionally, we handle permit acquisition and necessary approvals, and furnish clients with a final plat map that formally documents the new property boundaries while ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

We provide precise and dependable lot surveys for various types of properties—encompassing residential, commercial, and industrial. JVA utilizes a variety of methods, including UAV, GPS, robotic total stations, and traditional land surveying techniques, to gather and analyze data. This enables us to establish accurate property boundaries, identify encroachments, and anticipate potential boundary disputes.

JVA combines drone technology, GPS, and traditional surveying methods to deliver precise volumetric measurements for mineral piles across diverse industries. We tailor our solutions, incorporate cutting-edge technology, and produce high-quality results, helping clients to make informed decisions concerning their mineral stockpiles. This, in turn, facilitates more effective resource allocation and operational optimization.

For property owners, buyers, and developers, right-of-way surveying offer precise surveys for properties that have established or required rights of way. A right of way is a legal agreement that grants access to a specific area of land. Having accurate information about the boundaries of a property’s right-of-way ensures compliance with legal agreements and helps prevent potential issues.

We employ advanced surveying methods to map out the right-of-way boundaries and identify potential issues, such as encroachments or boundary disputes. Our solutions are customized to serve various industries, including transportation, utilities, and infrastructure.

Our collaborative approach to subdividing land involves working closely with clients to develop a plan that aligns with local zoning regulations and environmental considerations.

JVA will conduct a boundary survey of the original tract of land, create a subdivision plan complete with legal descriptions and plat maps, and oversee the physical subdivision process to ensure compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements. We deliver a final plat map to our clients, enabling them to efficiently and effectively divide their land.

This specialized service is provided to clients in various industries with the main objective being the precise mapping of underground utility infrastructure. JVA uses advanced surveying methods and technology to gather data regarding the location and condition of utility assets, including pipes, valves, manholes, and more. This data is subsequently utilized to generate comprehensive maps and reports, offering our clients valuable insights for the effective management and maintenance of their utility systems.

Our UAV drone surveys utilize the state-of-the-art DJI Phantom 4 RTK drone, offering swift and precise mapping and surveying solutions across diverse industries. With the capability to efficiently cover extensive areas and access hard-to-reach locations, we can provide cost-effective solutions that curtail project duration and expenses.

Services may encompass topographic mapping, volumetric analysis, and existing conditions, individually tailored to meet each project’s specific requirements.

JVA provides comprehensive analysis and detailed plans that align with local zoning requirements, assisting clients in obtaining variances or approvals for their development projects. We maintain close collaboration with clients and the local zoning board to expedite the approval process efficiently and on time.

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Land Surveying – Planning – Permitting

Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or a professional in need of precise land surveying, James Verra & Associates, Inc offers a comprehensive range of surveying services. Contact us today!